Background take your career
Germany is one of the best country to work at. Many advantages that you can get from working in this country. Various of jobs to apply, low unemployment rate, fair wages, and many other nice benefits. This is a good opportunity for you who has 2-7 years of working and wants to upgrade and expand your career specifically Internationally like in Germany.
More than 200.000 jobs
are available in Germany
Your Skills Lead To
Competitive Salary
Source: Profesia 2022
Which Career is Right For You?
Whether you’re good at hard skill or soft skill, there is a chance for you
Do you like to delivers telephone, television, internet and other service? Do you constantly upgrade yourself to meet customer’s demands and keep up with the latest technologies?
You are a critically important type of employment that involves the provision of essential service that support the operations and survival of companies.
Food Industry
Food Industry
Are you interested in using your skills to help produce, distribute or sell food products? If yes, then this is the right career choice for you.
Information Technology
Information Technology
Do you dream in code? Do inefficiency keeps you up at night?
Medicine & Social Care
Medicine & Social Care
You have responsiblein saving lives, improving people’s lives, treatments, new cures, medicine, and research into finding new and creative ways to do all of it.
Medicine & Social Care
Medicine & Social Care
Do you tend to be predominantly investigative, curious and realistc? Do you enjoy working outdoors or applying themselves to a hands-on project?
Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business
Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business
You have to provide excellent service to the patrons. Always keep your interactions pleasant.
Water Management, Forestry, Environment
Water Management, Forestry, Environment
Have good communications skills? Do you like for caring and maintain the forests and environment?
Transport, Haulage, Logistics
Transport, Haulage, Logistics
Supply Chain? Have a desire about movement of goods and service to supply demand?
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